Android Evolve

What happens when you release your great app? You make it even better. Introducing Android Evolve, a monthly service that optimizes your application and adapts it to the future.

It’s a lot easier and cheaper to be proactive and adapt your application source and app strategy on the fly than doing it  every couple of years. I’ll monitor your application health (source and user sentiment) while you run your business.

App Redesigns are Expensive; Improvements are Cheap

Google Android UI patterns evolve frequently. Most Android applications start as iOS applications and then get ported to Android. Unfortunately these Android “ports” can have a lot of visual ties to their iOS fore-fathers. Some apps simply do not have the proper UI set up. An application that once was at the forefront of its field is now considered legacy due to the UI. Thankfully this is simple to solve. Quick incremental UI changes can drastically change the user perception of your application. These improvements are cheaper than a full rewrite and will make users much happier as they see these improvements as a positive direction for your app. A happy user base almost always equates to more conversions.

Small Fires are Easier to Extinguish

Bugs and Crashes happen. You’re not in the position to lose users due to buggy software. How many users are effected by this crash? How can you detect what the issue is? Implementing crash detection and reporting software is trivial nowadays but deciphering the issue is not. Finding these small fires and putting them out is key to the success of your application. Crashes and bugs leave users unhappy which lead to negative reviews.


Actual Android Expert Advice

But how do you know what to change? What do you need to do in order to change it? How can you measure the effectiveness of these changes? You’ve also run into an issue that you nor your team are sure what to do.  You hired a consultant and/or agency to develop the app and they’re no where to be found.

I want to to help improve your application, every month. Some changes will result in a drastic conversion uptick, others may not. Either way, this is now knowledge that you will keep for the foreseeable future making you smarter about what you do with your application.

Most top-tier professional Android developers are booked for several months out and its not often that they take on new clients. They’re in high demand. I’m making myself available to do this because I know an app is not done when I hit the publish button on Google Play. That’s just beginning. The hard work is just starting. I want to make sure your application is a success.

I’m looking for great businesses that are interested in long-term success in Google Play or Kindle App Store. I will collect data, write up reports for you, draft advisements and propose changes we could potentially make to your app to improve it. I will provide instructions on how to install the proper crash reporting tools and analytics into your application so we can get going quickly.


Who This Is For

Android Evolve isn’t for everyone, but you might want to apply at the bottom of this page if this sounds like you:

  • You’re a business who knows that a great Android app is core to your goals.
  • You’re capable of funding and sustaining an Android application presence, but might not have an in-house team or expert to help with this.
  • You have the courage to try to change big things in your app so you can better meet your customers needs.


What You Get

Android Evolve is a high touch Android consulting service for Android apps, billed monthly. It’s run by Donn Felker, who has a lot of experience in this realm. There are three options for Android Evolve.

Android Evolve

Android Evolve Basic is the most slimmed down version of the service. This package is crammed tight full of goodies. You’ll get:

  • 2 Hours of Android Scheduled Expertise (a $300 value)
    • Run into an issue that you cannot solve? Schedule a time with me and we can pair on the issue to figure it out.
    • Also use as a way to pair program on a particular issue.
  • A Monthly PDF Report containing:
    • Crash Analysis
    • Crash Mitigation & Severity Analysis and Risk Mitigation Recommendations
    • Android Code Analysis (access to source needed for this)
      • Includes:
        • Indentify Missing Translations
        • Identifies Layout Performance issues
        • Unused, inconsistent and incorrect Android Resources
        • Inconsistent Array Sizes
        • Accessibility and Internationalization problems
        • Icon Problems (missing densities, duplicates, wrong sizes, etc)
        • Usability Problems (not specifying input type on a text field)
        • Android Manifest Errors
    • Result of 10,000 Iterations of the Android Monkey UI Exerciser against current market app against a single Nexus device


Android Evolve Professional

Android Evolve Professional contains all of what Android Evolve (above) provides as well as  the following:

  • 2 Additional Hours of Scheduled Expertise (total of 4 Scheduled Hours – a $600 value)
  • 1 Hour of On-Call Android Expertise. 24 Hour turnaround ($250 dollar value)
  • Latest User Sentiment Report based upon Google Play Reviews and mitigation plan
  • Analytics (Google Analytics) Review and Optimization and Recommendations
  • Monkey UI Exerciser Testing on over 260 Android Devices.
    • Report of top 5 crashes gathered from the running
  • Two free Job Postings on AndroidJobs.IO (a 300$ value)


Android Evolve Executive (only 3 available)

Android Evolve Executive includes all of the services contained in the Android Evolve and Android Evolve Professional plans as well as the following:

  • 4 Additional Hours of Professional Android Scheduled Expertise (total of 8 Scheduled hours – a $1200 value)
  • 1 – One Hour Executive Advisement Session ($250 value)
    • This session will cover optimization, conversion and mobile strategy as well as anything else you’d like to cover.
  • Google Play Store Landing page Optimization and SEO
  • Play Store Featured Preparedness Review, Report and Plan
    • Learn how to prepare your app to get featured on the play store.
    • This is best suited for applications with a large user base or a company who is expected to have a large user base.

Who Are You?

Donn Felker

I’m Donn Felker, an experienced Android Professional Developer from Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m the author of the best selling Android Application Development for Dummies books and national speaker for Android related topics. I’ve also contributed to the recently released Android Developers Tools book from O’Reilly. I’ve previously helped many clients perfect their mobile strategy. Some of my work includes the Groupon Android App, MyFitnessPal Android App, GetHuman and Eventbrite’s first Android app and many other clients. Thats me, on the right. You can read a longer bio if you’re still interested.



How Much Is This? 

Android Evolve’s various tiers have different pricing as follows:

  • Android Evolve: $595/mo  
  • Android Evolve Professional: $1,475/mo 
  • Android Evolve Executive: $2,975/mo

I’ll spend a day every month analyzing all of your data, writing up the report and meeting with you to discuss changes that may be necessary. The Android Evolve and Android Evolve Professional plans are much cheaper than my usual daily rate, but I think its a service that is vitally important for an app to be successful.

If you re-write your application every two to three years  and each re-write costs you 20K-100K (at a minimum), you’d spend far less on Android Evolve over the course of that time – and it’s more likely to result in an application that converts well and has high user engagement.

If I don’t provide you with significant value for your business with in three months, I’ll provide you with a full refund. I take pride in what I do and believe my business will help grow yours and fulfill your customers needs more effectively.



If you want to apply, you’re welcome to do so here.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great day.

– Donn Felker


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PPS: HELP! I don’t have a developer who can implement these changes, can you help?

I get asked this question a lot and I can help you find someone who is qualified. Contact me for more info. I have various services which I use that can help you find a great developer.